Microsoft Announces Hardware Event For May 2nd In New York


Microsoft is planning to hold a special hardware and software event in New York City on May 2nd. After weeks of rumors over Microsoft’s plans, the software maker started emailing out press invites today.

We are still expecting Microsoft to unveil at least one piece of new hardware, but it’s not likely to have a successor to the Surface Book ready just yet. It’s also possible Microsoft may take this opportunity to reveal the hardware design of its upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio, just ahead of its E3 event in June, or a successor to the Surface 3 which was designed with students in mind.

Other rumors suggest Microsoft could opt to unveil its Windows 10 Cloud operating system, an alternative to Chrome OS that runs Universal Windows Apps. ZDNet reported this week that Microsoft’s event is code named “Bespin,” a fictional Star Wars planet that includes a “Cloud City.” Sources also tell us that this event will be focused on education, so expect to see any hardware or software be connected to how it can be used in schools.

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