New Samsung Galaxy S8 Comes With 646 New Emoji


Samsung announced the much awaited Galaxy S8 on Wednesday and here’s the most important part: emoji. Not just any emoji—the new phone comes with Samsung’s own version of Android 7, which features 646 new emoji, including gender and skin tone variations.

Samsung is now up to date with Emoji 4.0, the update that featured new professional roles and gendered emoji. Along with all the originals you know and love, every male emoji now has a female equivalent, and vice versa. (The Samsung “technologist” emoji use Samsung computers, making them among the few users of those devices in the world.)

Now you also get “men with bunny ears,” “men with bunny ears partying,” and scientists, pilots, and teachers.

And the most important thing: On Samsung’s fingers-crossed emoji, the infamous sixth finger remains.

You can check out all of Samsung’s new emoji  on Emojipedia here.

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