Samsung Bixby Virtual Assistant Is The New Way To Interact With Your Phone


Samsung officially confirmed in a detailed blog post that Bixby is indeed the name of its assistant. Bixby has been described as a “bright assistant.” Unlike other assistants that require you to press the home button to activate, Bixby will have a dedicated button on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

As to what it can do, Samsung revealed that you would be able to use its assistant for anything, in any situation. “[It should] support almost every task that the application is capable of performing using the conventional interface (ie. Touch commands).”

Also, Bixby will be able to understand what you are doing as a user and adapt accordingly. “Bixby will allow users to weave various modes of interactions, including touch or voice at any context of the application, whichever they feel is most comfortable and intuitive.”

Finally, Bixby will be able to complete tasks from incomplete sentences: “… It will be smart enough to understand commands with incomplete information and execute the commanded task to the best of its knowledge, and then will prompt users to provide more information and take the execution of the task in piecemeal.”

Despite these promises, we still have to wait to see if Bixby can live up to the hype.

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