Microsoft’s Edge Was The Most Hacked Browser at Pwn2Own 2017


At the Pwn2Own 2017 hacking event, Microsoft’s Edge browser proved to be the least secure browser after being hacked the most number of times, it was hacked no less than five times in three days.

Tom’s Hardware reports that the Chakra JavaScript engine was exploited to execute most of these hacks, but a team of white hat hackers from Chinese internet security firm Qihoo 360 succeeded in escaping a VMware Workstation to win the grand prize of $105,000. This was done by utilizing a heap overflow bug in the browser, a buffer in VMware Workstation that was not initialized, and a type confusion in the Windows kernel.

Google’s Chrome browser, on the other hand, remained ‘unhackable’ during the contest.

Safari was a bit more secure than Edge, it was hacked three times and partially hacked once, while two hacking attempts were made against Mozilla’s Firefox, but only one of them was successful.

With this, it’s obvious that Microsoft (and Apple) still has some work (a lot, actually) to do with Edge.

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