Google Unveils Guetzli, Open Source JPEG Encoder, to Speed Browsing


Google recently announced the release of  a brand new, open-source JPEG encoder called Guetzli that can do two very amazing things. First, it can decrease JPEG file size by 35% without a noticeable decrease in quality resulting in much faster Web page loading, and second, it can increase the quality of an image without increasing file size at all, Interesting?

“Guetzli,” which means “cookie” in Swiss German, allows users to create smaller JPEG images while maintaining compatibility with existing Web browsers, image processing applications and the existing JPEG standard, noted Robert Obryk and Jyrki Alakuijala, software engineers at Google Research Europe, in an online post.

It produces a result similar to that of Google’s Zopfli algorithm, which produces smaller PNG and gzip files without the requirement of a new file format, they explained. The technique is different from RNN-based image compression, RAISR and WebP, all of which need ecosystem and client changes for compression at Internet scale.

Google first introduced the Zopfi compression algorithm in 2013 and two years later unveiled Brotli, which offered faster page loads and up to 26 percent higher compression ratios than Zopfi.

“Guetzli specifically targets the quantization stage in which the more visual quality loss is introduced, the smaller resulting file,” they wrote. “Guetzli strikes a balance between minimal loss and file size by employing a search algorithm that tries to overcome the difference between psychovisual modeling of JPEG’s format and Guetzli’s psychovisual model.”

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