How To Merge Facebook Pages


Operating two Facebook pages can be confusing,to avoid that you can merge the two pages. Now here are the instruction on how you can Merge Facebook pages:

Please note that in order to do this you:

*Must be an admin of both pages
*The 2 pages are for the same thing
*The pages are named the same thing ( or are very similar)
*If your pages have physical locations, the address is the same.

The following will be combined:

*People who like your page

The following will be deleted from the page you merge:


The page you want to keep will remain the same except that:

*The page likes from the merged page will be added to this one
*Ratings from other page will be brought to this one
*Check-ins from the other page will be brought to this one

What to keep in mind:

The page you are merging ( the one you don’t want to keep) will be removed form Facebook.
You won’t be able to un-merge.


>Choose the pages you which to Merge

>Confirm Merged Pages. Make sure you read the terms before you click confirm!

>Click “OK”

Your pages are successfully merged!

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