Africa-Focused Stock Photography Startup, SnapHubr Wants To Help Photographers Earn Money


The era when African event and celebrity photographers, as well as photojournalists do not get monetary rewards for their works is gone, as Snaphubr Investment Limited has launched a stock photography website called, an image stock platform similar to Shutterstock, but exclusively dedicated to African-related content.

The platform offers professional photographers the opportunity to earn money by uploading high-resolution African pictures of guests taken at events on its events platform.

According to Snaphubr’s CEO, Oluwaseun Babajide, the stock photography platform was launched to cater to guests whose photographs at events do not actually be to (as well as photographers who don’t) get monetary rewards when they send photos to guests.

On, guests could claim their pictures uploaded by photographers for as low N500.

“High-Resolution photos are all in trend these days. Photos are powerful tools frequently used in marketing and branding. An image is a representation of your brand and this is why it is important to make sure you are choosing the right high-quality image from our stock photography website, Therefore, if you ever had a hard time finding high-resolution African images, your search now ends at, a platform aimed at pushing indigenous photographers and quality African images,” according to a statement from Snaphubr Investment Limited.

Babajide, who pointed that the high-resolution African pictures serving for personal and commercial usage, however, disclosed that is a unique site stocking over seven million high resolution African images provided by African photographers for Africa and beyond.

“The company’s recent partnership with YAY images has further strengthened the platform’s ability to provide authentic and realistic images that you won’t find anywhere else. In all, Snaphubr provides an easy to access and affordable means to boost the marketing of your business and take it to a whole new level with lovely photographs and images. Snaphubr always looks for individuals who are motivated and smart, and want to be a part of the platform. As part of our mission to help individuals make a decent income, our platform gives everyone — not just professional photographers — the potential to earn money from their photos,” he added.

In order to engage professional photographers, the company has also launched another platform It is a reward system for photographers where they can upload and sell pictures of event guests.

It often happens that pictures of guests taken by photographers at an event do not actually reach the guests even though guests have requested to send them at a later date. Even if the guests get those images, the photographer doesn’t get monetary reward for it.

Snaphubr has recognised this problem and, therefore, has come up with a solution that helps photographers get monetary reward for disseminating images to guests from an event.

Snaphubr’s events platform has also been designed to actually record events and upload pictures of guests taken from an event for easy claims. The guests can actually claim their pictures for as low N400.

[Ref: TechLoy]

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