Best Lock Applications For Android


Everyone needs security on their phone and then it is important for you to try as much as possible to get the best applications that can do that function. You surely need to keep your gallery app locked, banking, and other social media apps secured. Which do you think can do that magic? Let’s consider some apps that you can use.

IvyMobile AppLock

This is another beautiful application on the Google Play Store. It also has some amazing features like the ability to lock pictures and videos, give you a beautiful keyboard experience.

On the application, you can also have an opportunity to hide the application for people to see. Also, when an individual inputs a wrong password, it takes a picture of them and then shows you what they had done


This is one f the popular apps on the Google Play Store that has to do a lot of security functions. It can also has the function of locking calls, uninstalling applications, and other cool features like controlling your Bluetooth. On the Play Store, it is free to download. You can try as much as possible to even upgrade via a donation to the premium version.

Fingerprint Password

This is quite a simple application that has various PIN, fingerprint and also an ability to keep your apps safe. It is quite simple and easy to use. If you want several features to enjoy, then you must upgrade to premium.

Fingerprint Unlock

The makers of the Clean Master application brought this application to the market as well for Android users. It has an ability to stop incoming calls, Bluetooth connectivity, uninstallations, your settings and also your gallery. Well, with enormous time, hackers can bypass this application to your device and know all what you have there. It might not be fully safe.

App Locker

If you use a pattern on your phone or device, and then want an application that will synchronize with it, then you are surely going to have this application at your procession. For some Huawei and Xaiomi devices, it might work, but it could just distablize the software of your device instead. Keep in mind, that anyone with enough time can bypass this app lock.


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