How To Enable and Use the Android Instant App


Since Google rolled out the Instant App in 2016, it was quite difficult for several people to know how to use or more or less install it on their device. Well, let’s consider how to do it. What the application does for you is the enability to access a cloud-based version of the application with out using the Google Play Store.

In order words it can be described as an app that let’s you experience what you love about apps fast and beautiful user interfaces, high performance, and great capabilities with just a tap.

This came out in May last year, but several devices could not make use of it because it was install able on the Android 7.1 or the Android 7.1.2 version. Well, let’s try ans see how to enable this Instant App.

1. Go to your Phone’s settings.

2. Look for Google there and then the Personal Category session.

3. You will notice the Services category, select it and then the Instant App.

4. Next tap the toggle on the top-right of your screen.

5. You may need to read the instruction through as expected and then tap the I’m in.



How To Use the Android Instant App.
1. From one of the above mentioned application like the Wish app, perform a Google search for it.

2. Then scroll down to select the application listing that has the expression Instant.

3. Next, tap to open the application


Once the application has loaded, then you can use it like you will use other apps from Google Play Store. Also, you may wish to download the Wish App from here, it really easy at this point.

Pull your notification down now and then tap the App info from where you can now install the app. Tapping the install button, will enable you to a new card where you can install the app from the screen. You may wish to also tap the overflow three vertical dots on your  screen to view on Google Play.

The process is really good and seamless, but you may need to wait for the application to get activated on your device if it is not. It is really good for those may want to shop or get things online. Be assured that when you use the Instant App, you will surely enjoy it and have a lot to experience.





































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