Google Adds Voicemail Sharing To Google Phone 8.0


You can share voicemails in Google Phone 8.0, as Google has begun sending out the most recent update to the stock phone application that can be found on devices like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as Google’s past Nexus devices and other smartphones which use a stock version of Android software. While you might not have a user for sharing voicemail personally, having the option there might be useful in the event that you ever wish to share the voicemail with another person, and having the option is better than not having it.

If you ever find yourself needing or wanting to share a voicemail with someone else, just like anything else on Android that can be shared there is now a “send to” button in the voicemail page where you can play voicemails to listen to them, and tapping this button will act just as any other thing does when you try to share it. Android’s share menu will pop up from the bottom of the screen with options of who to send the voicemail to and through what app you’d like to send it. It’s as simple as can be and although it might not get used much, chances are that users will be glad to have it when they do use it just because of the simplicity.

That being said, there appears to be some bugs with the sharing process, where the voicemail may not download and this could result in the voicemail not being able to be played by the recipient. That aside, when it comes to other changes, it looks like Google has updated the color of the icon for the “add new contact” option when you use the app shortcut for the Phone app. Before this update the icon was a lighter blue, and now after the update the color is still blue but it matches the darker color of the actual app icon. In addition to these two changes which are already present within the app, there also appears to be a new feature on the way that will let users send an image to the person they’re about to call. There isn’t much detail about why this feature would be included, but at some point down the line users may have the option to attach images to voice calls through the use of RCS technology within the app. If you don’t have the latest version of the Phone app yet, you can grab the app from the button down below.

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