Google Updated Chrome With New Feature To Use VR While Browsing


It is unbelievable when you are told that there will be a Virtual Reality while browsing. Well, Google has decided to announce that the new updated Chrome will have this feature which will keep it above all other browsing app on Play Store. This will be able to make it possible for you to access your favorite webpage without any problem.

This upgrade will be called the WebVR which be allow various sites access it on websites. Also, other browsing apps that will have this will include Firefox, Samsung, Facebook and Microsoft. This design is experienced to thrill all users of Chrome.

Well, you have to use a better headphone to get the sounds and effect the browsing effect will give. We do not have much about this Google Chrome WebVR, but we can assure you that as soon as Google gives us a template on what users will experience, you can be rest assured that you will get it from us.

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