The Best Android Applications


Google drive
This is one application that makes you save all your works so that it will not be discarded when you have to format or change your mobile device. It is free online, with 15GB for all first time users. You can upload your Documents, Sheets, Slides, Photos and also an keeps you want to keep. Some of your documents can request you to drive it as soon as it is online. Try and experience the best of this application today if you ave never done this yet.

Google Maps
This is one application from Google that gets updated so regularly. It has a lot of good features. They include from telling you how long it will take you to get to your destination as well as take you there.

If you request to know about a restaurant, it will show you how to do get there and also tell you about other types of restaurants that are available around that vicinity. This is free on the Play Store

Express VPN
If you have never used or had this application on your device before, then you should try and have it. It has the safety of your Android app in mind. It is very trusted in aspects of security it provides for you. It can also work on the network of your choice. It can boost the network and also have an unlimited bandwidth on your device. It is available in over 78 countries and also available on Google Play Store. It is one of the best Android Apps. It goes for $8.32 per month.

Google Now
This is one application that gives you news update about events happening in the world. You can ave a quick search from voice controls, to flight details and also some matters of relevance to you. You indeed have a better opportunity to have all you need by making the Google Now Launcher as your home screen launcher, as you will get information at the tip of your fingers.

This one application like the name pocket. It can make you save picture of your choice to the internet so that whenever you need it, you can get it. Also, others can see your work on the internet. It is free to use and also it can be extended on your system as well.

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