Kudi AI: The Chatbot that is changing the face of online payments in Nigeria


With the recent and increasing wave of discoveries in the world of AI, one cannot but the amazed at some of the awesome robots and chatbots that have been developed or currently being developed. However, it’s more thrilling to discover that the science of Artificial Intelligence, and Chatbots can be used to make day to day activities of human life much more easier; activities such as making payments online, which has been made far easier with the introduction of a Nigerian chatbot called ‘Kudi.ai’.

Culling its name from the word ‘money’ in the Northern Nigeria Hausa tongue, the name of this AI platform alone, draws much attention to itself. It’s a platform that can interact with with you via your online social media handles and can help you make payments easily for different services online, just by giving you a set of instructions, and doing that in a realistic manner.

With more advance to this awesome AI chatbot, the tech industry in Nigeria can expect a whole lot more of feats in  the Artificial Intelligence world in the nearest future. Anyone can sign up on the Kudi.ai platform for free by visiting the website www.kudi.ai

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