Chrome Extension Uncovers Netflix’s Hidden Categories


A new Chrome extension called Netflix Categories unlocks the service’s many subcategories directly from your browser.

When you browse Netflix you only see a handful of genres based on what is new and what you have previously watched. But Netflix actually classifies its offerings into hundreds of subgenres that are much, much, more specific than what you typically see.

So instead of perusing overly broad categories like “action and adventure” or “psychological thrillers,” you can check out “Sci-Fi Adventure,” “Foreign Action and Adventure” or “Deep Sea Horror Movies” (spoiler: be prepared for a lot of Sharknado with that last one.)

Once installed, open the extension to see a list of categories to dive into. You can also search for favorite specific categories you want to come back to later.

Though the extension has an extensive list of genres available, it doesn’t yet have all of Netflix’s hidden categories, so you may still need to manually search for certain genres. (See Mashable’s previous story on the feature for a longer list of possible subgenres.)

Developer Deekshith Allamaneni says he is working on adding more categories in the near future. The code is also up on GitHub for anyone who wants to take a look at it themselves.

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