Top Video Editing Apps for Android Phone


Many of you love to capture live moments through video recording. The videos keep your memories strong and active. The precious videos give you an opportunity to cherish the moments. How about adding a little twist to your videos? These videos will become more interesting and everyone will be interested to watch them. No one has time to watch 9-minute video of your kid’s naughty pranks. Therefore, apps for video editing are great for your mobile device.

Nowadays, everyone carries an Android phone and the following video editing apps are great to enjoy the amazing videos to watch. You can check out the complete review of the apps before you download the app in your Android phone.
KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro is powerful, very powerful. If you’re a photographer and are looking for professional-grade software, you can’t do better than KineMaster Pro. The Pro version of the software was once subscription based, but you can now download and use it for free.

KineMaster Pro has an intuitive, colorful user interface. This is a good thing, as you need the intuitiveness if you want to use the many tools this app gives you. When you load a clip into the app, a video-editing timeline will appear with a handful of options on the bar at the bottom. Like with the AndroVid app, you can trim and split your clips.

Unlike the AndroVid, you don’t have to junk the rest of your clip if you used trim and you can keep working on your split clips, splitting them further or adding effects to them. KineMaster lets you work on multiple video and audio files at one time. You can, theoretically, add and mix together several video and audio clips into a single one.

KineMaster Pro also has a variety of options that let you touch up your videos. You can add a variety of nice effects and transitions to your clip (like a slow center and zoom), rotate the clip, adjust its brightness, its contrast and improve the color saturation. You can use templates to add superimposed titles to your clips and animate them too. For example, you can create a movie end credits-like script scrolls down while you read it.

KineMaster will let you add multiple audio files to your video and edit them too. You can add music files or even record a clip with the in-built recorder. If you can’t be bothered to import music files, you can use some pre-loaded ones.


This video app is very useful to work. At the top end of the screen, you will see a list. After you move your finger to the left, you will come across many options. It is very easy to understand and work according to your need. With the help of a trim command, you will select a small portion of the Split command which in turn will help you get the spliced video in two sections. There is also a grab command, which helps you select a single frame of the video and save it as a perfect still image. If you want to change a video into MP3, then this app gives you that support. You can add music clip in between the video. Adding a text in the video is also possible with this software. It is easy to adjust the color and size of the text. With this app, you can rotate the videos and change them into different sizes and also improve the quality of the video.

Video Maker Pro Free

Using the old movie studio app, the editor can create the user interface. It is easy to use and even clean and clear. The editing screen is timeline based. You will get a + button, which helps you to import the images. You can also import the videos and place them on the timeline. You can trim, add transitions, and move in or out of the element. Add basic filters and title graphics to complete your video editing. This app does not provide any specific color and size of the video text font. You will not find any tool of graphic creation in this app.

However, it allows you to add music track or voice-over through another app space. You can try it for simple yet useful video editing. This app is the most useful in today’s date. You can download it and easily create a great video to capture the precious moments of your life.

The above-mentioned apps are very helpful. Now you can easily watch a great video with your friends and family in your Smartphone. It’s also very functional for corporate video production. To get the maximum view of the edited video you can always share the video with your friends or upload it in YouTube. If you want a smart life, then the video editing app is the to opt for.

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