BeatsX Launches Wireless Earbuds


Despite the launching of Airpods from Apple and a similar Powerbeats 3, there seems to be something new coming from BeatsX. This was expected to have launched in September 2016 with the iPhone 7, but they decided to delay it a bit.

This month, we are seeing something new from BeatsX that will be looking like an Airpod. But the difference with the Apple Airpod is that it has a wireless between each earpod, while the BeatsX has wires between the earbuds.

Another good feature of this is that the BeatsX gives the earbuds a 2 hour of playback in a 5 minute charge. The magnetic earbuds keeps it free from getting tangled.

The release of this BeatsX earpods will go for $149 which will make both Apple’s Airpods and Powerbeats 3 go for the same amount.

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