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Ever envied the Instagram accounts of major celebrities and their follower base? Or have you ever dreamt of a day when your Instagram account will have massive followers and be the center of attraction? Well, just wishing it happens will never do the magic for you, but there are tools you can engage to truly do the ‘Instagram Magic’ for you.

One of these amazing tools is Grum for Instagram. is a platform online where you can schedule your Instagram posts easily and even post directly from your desktop or laptop computer. offers a free trial of the platform for three (3) days after which you’ll have to choose a plan. Their plans are very affordable if you’re considering full scale Instagram automation or for commercial purposes. Their most basic plan comes at $4.59 monthly per Instagram account (you can manage as many accounts as you choose), which is roughly around N2,500 per month on a single account. Not bad, I would say, as you have the ability to schedule all your Instagram posts for a month or even more than that, and also optimize your Instagram account to make your follower base grow massively…

You could start out on a Free trial and explore the platform today. Just visit

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