How To Automate Your Social Media Accounts with HootSuite


Many know the importance of engaging quality content on their social media platforms, but they don’t just have the luxury time to post quality stuff from one platform to another, and to another… It can be really tedious, and most of all; time consuming.

However there are awesome platforms online you could use to automate content engagements on your social media accounts, and we’ll be exploring one major such platforms called: HootSuite…

How do you automate your contents to social media platforms using HootSuite? Find out below;

Step 1: Create a Hootsuite account

  1. Open and click Sign Up in the top-right corner.
  2. Click to select the plan type that fits your needs.
  3. Enter your information and follow the prompts as we walk you through connecting social networks, adding streams and sending messages.

Step 2: Add social networks

Connect your social profiles to publish and schedule content, and monitor engagement, all from your Hootsuite dashboard. You can manage up to three social networks with Hootsuite Free.

  1. In the Hootsuite dashboard, select Streams from the launch menu.
  2. Click Add Social Network, select a social network from the list, click Connect and authorize your accounts to connect to the dashboard.

See Add social networks for more details.

Step 3: Set up tabs and streams

Now that you’ve added social networks to your dashboard, set up streams for each one for monitoring content. Each social network offers unique stream types. Use tabs to organize your streams into groups.

  1. Select Streams from the launch menu.
  2. Click Add Tab  in the top-left corner, give it a name, and then press ENTER.
  3. Inside each tab, click Add Stream.
  4. Select a social network from the list on the left, and then select a profile from the drop-down list.
  5. Click the streams you want to add for that profile.

See Add tabs or Add streams for more details.

Step 4: Publish messages

Engage your audience and grow your following by regularly publishing messages. Save time by scheduling a single message to multiple social networks at once.

  1. Select the profiles that will post the message from the Social Profile Picker (top-left).
  2. Click Compose Message, enter your message in the compose box, and then click Send Now.

See Publish messages or Schedule messages for more details.

Step 5: Install apps

The Hootsuite App Directory is a library of free and premium (paid) third-party apps developed for the Hootsuite dashboard.

  1. Select App Directory App_Directory.png from the launch menu.
  2. Click Install App beside the app.
  3. Click Finish.

See Install Apps for more details.

Step 6: Download Hootlet

This free browser extension for Chrome lets you quickly share content to your social networks from anywhere on the web. Get it here. Learn more about using it here.

Step 7: Download Hootsuite mobile

Manage your social media on the go with the Hootsuite mobile apps for Android and iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. These can be downloaded from your device’s app store.

With these easy steps, engaging quality content on your social media handles shouldn’t be such of a big deal anymore, with such a powerful automation tool in your hand…

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