Top Free Graphic Design Tools For Visual Professionals


It is time to up your visual marketing game!

Whether still or moving, high quality graphics are one of the essential elements in any marketing strategy.If you’re into social media or online marketing, then you would be aware of the importance of images.

But, not everyone can afford to buy expensive software, such as Photoshop, or hire professional graphic designers to create suitable pictures and videos to use for visual marketing. Creating stunning graphics, although desirable, can cost a pretty penny, especially if you are just starting out.
Fortunately, there are a number of free graphic design tools available both online and offline, which are not only easy to use but can give you professional results with just a few clicks of a mouse. Here are five of the top free graphic design tools you can use to improve your visual marketing efforts:


Another free online image editor, Pixlr is another powerful tool for people who want to do basic retouching, resizing and cropping of photos. You can open pictures from online sources using Pixlr or upload your own and make use of over 600 overlays, borders and effects that can help you produce the perfect picture anywhere between subtle and dramatic. In addition, the software is now available as a mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so you can edit your pictures on the go.


Possibly one of the easiest graphic design tools to use, Canva is an online, template-based web design tool that you can use for a plethora of projects. From impressive email headers to eye-catching infographics, you can create endless web designs using Canva – and it’s all drag and drop. Not only are you able to try out different templates, you also have numerous fonts, styles, image adjustments, and color adjusters to choose from, allowing you to create truly unique web graphics.



This is where you can edit your videos for visual marketing to make it videolicious! This particular editor stands out because of its extensive tutorial library, making the common person. It teaches you advanced features like swapping between videos while recording live video. For those who wish to produce professional videos for their marketing campaigns, this tool comes in handy. Videolicious tries to make editing suitable to your needs: you can stick to basics and let them handle your editing for you with set options or delve into their many advanced features to create your perfect video to grab your clients’ attention.

Own a Windows computer? Then this free editing software might just be what you are looking for. Not to be confused with the free Paint software Microsoft ships with its operating systems, provides you with a wide range of picture editing tools to create highly professional-looking graphic designs for your visual marketing needs. The tool focuses on editing rather than creating images from scratch, but offers a stunning range of effects and features that can help you create the look you want. Benefit from the ability to use layers, image adjustments, and blending options to create truly stunning images that will rival those that have been given the Photoshop treatment.

If you lack the technical know-how needed to properly use Photoshop or other high-end picture-editing software, you’re going to love PicMonkey. This free online tool provides a range of features that you can use to resize, modify, crop, and color-adjust your photos quickly and easily. You also have the option of using various fonts with your photos, along with powerful features to help you create truly stunning images.


Stock Snap

An important component of visual marketing is the source of the images that you use. Often, it can be tough to acquire suitable images safely, i.e. without any copyright trouble. Stock Snap holds thousands of images, completely free of cost, for you to pick from. Sign up for a free account and receive a hundred new photos every week so its users never fall short of choice and forced into repetition. All the images are high resolution. The process is easy with different themes to pick from like business, nature, couple, dog, black and white, etc. They curate the best stock photos. They say: “Our long term vision is to create an amazing community of photographers that want to share their work with the world.”



Primarily focusing on the scalable vector graphics (SVG) format, Inkscape is a viable option to high-end image retouching and illustrating software. It requires some amount of technical know-how to get the best of its features, including the ability to clone objects, trace bitmap images, and import native Illustrator files. However, it maintains a level of simplicity that makes it easy to understand how to create a range of graphic output for web design and printing purposes. Inkscape can be downloaded on Windows and Mac platforms, as well as Linux computers.

Now that you are aware of a few of the top free graphic design tools, there is no excuse for using crappy images in your visual marketing projects. Check out one of these free tools today and get creative.

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