Apple Developed First IOS 10.3 Beta


Apple has brought a better experience for users as they have developed a better software called IOS 10.3 Beta. This new feature has a lot of new experience. One of such is what is called Find My iPhone. This application can track wherever your AirPods is.

The AirPods are quite small and tiny with just support from Bluetooth. So when your AirPods are missing, and you don’t know where to find them, then all you do is just track the AirPod in your Find My iPhone App, and then it will locate it for you.

The next thing it will do is also buzz an alarm so that you can hear that it is missing, and it can be located wherever it is lost.

It is one of the best solutions from Apple in keeping those who are careless or misplace things an edge to find them back again.

iOS 10.3 is going to be in beta for a month or two. You can expect to download the final version with these improvements after the beta period ends.

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