iROKO’s co-founder leaves to focus on African StartUps Investments


Co-founder and original seed investor of iROKO, Bastian Gotter is leaving the company after four fruitful years to follow his passion; investing in and building technology companies in Africa.

Back in 2010, Gotter invested $150,000 in iROKO for a 50% stake, and left his role as a London-based Oil trader at BP to relocate to Lagos when the company closed a Series A investment from Tiger Global in early 2012. He promptly became the company’s COO and CFO.

In his role, he oversaw key organisational infrastructure and built out a number of the company’s tech functions, and together with his co-founder, Jason Njoku, raised an additional $33 million from new and existing investors for the startup.

Through Spark, a US$2.5 million investment platform founded with Njoku, Gotter invested in several Lagos based startups, such as, and more recently, Paystack.

Gotter, while sad to be leaving iROKO, believes the company is in good hands and will become highly successful. He is very excited to be following his passion.

“My departure is bittersweet; naturally, I’m sad to leave the company that has been central to my life for so long, but I couldn’t be more excited to embark on a new journey, searching for and building up the next wave of truly exciting African tech companies,” he said.

CEO and co-founder of iROKO, Jason Njoku added, “iROKO would not be the company it is today, without Bastian’s seed investment and faith in me to ‘figure out Nollywood’. In 2010, Bastian put his money where my mouth was, and together we embarked on the huge adventure of building an African entertainment brand that has changed the face of media consumption on the continent forever. This is no small feat.”

Gotter will be replaced by Lauren Miller, iROKO’s Chief Financial Officer. She will become the company’s CFO and operate from its London office.

Miller is a corporate finance guru who has many years of experience in top roles at Millicom, Paramount, Vodacom, JP Morgan & Chase and Warner Brothers.

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