Google Updates Chrome With New Features


The search giant, Google released Chrome 53 on desktops. And now Google has released the new version of Chrome for the Android users. Which means the Android users will now be able to experience some features of Chrome that were earlier available only for the desktop.

The interesting feature about this version of Chrome is that it supports Android Pay via PaymentRequest API. This will let the users make a smooth and safe payment online using a credit card or Google’s service.

The main advantage of this is that when you are using PaymentRequest API, you won’t have to type all the information related to the billing, shipping or any other payment details. If you are using Chrome either on desktop or mobile phone, you will be able to check out all the information with just single click.

Now, this is not the only new feature in the updated Chrome. You will now be able to start the muted without the user having to interact with it. All you have to do is make sure that the video is marked as mute with the autoplay attribute.

These are the major highlights of the updated Chrome. Along with these it also has some stability and performance fixes. These features are made available for your viewing pleasure in the Git log.
Though the announcement about the release of this version of Chrome has already been made; it may still take some time to appear in the Google Play store all over the world.

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