CcHUB launches digital programme for older folks


In order to ensure the older people (aged 55 and above), just like the Gen Xes or millennials, get to enjoy the benefits of technology, Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) has launched a digital programme.

Called DIGnified, the aim of the four weeks programme is to provide some of our Papas and Mamas with the skills and know-how relevant to this digital age.

The programme consists of a series of courses, starting from the basics to advanced concepts, and participants will be exposed to an immersive, hands-on curriculum.

Participants can be enrolled for a series of courses each quarter, learning to use today’s tech tools at their own pace. Sessions will hold thrice a week, for 4 weeks straight in Lagos and Abuja.

Ten (10) people will be selected to participate at no cost to them for this first edition of the programme.

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