Elon Musk could soon share more on his plan to help humans keep up with AI


Just recently after he shared updates on his plans to dig tunnels, Elon Musk also noted he’s looking to hopefully share more on his progress with developing a “neural lace” next month. That’s a technical term for direct cortical interface, and it’s something that the SpaceX and Tesla CEO takes very seriously, in case you thought he might just be having a laugh.

Musk discussed the potential of a functional neural lace at Recode’s Code conference last year, speaking earnestly about its benefits in terms of being able to help humans keep pace with advancements in AI that threaten to render us vastly inferior to complex virtual intelligence robots.

He also went on to specify that this would potentially require only minimally invasive procedures, since “veins and arteries […] provide a complete roadway to all of your neurons, since they’re high blood flow.”

This isn’t the first time Musk has tweeted about making progress on the neural lace concept; he said in August that he might have something to share on the subject in a few months time, which fits loosely with a potential update on the subject next month, which he suggested yesterday morning.

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